Elite Extra Class Scheduler

Welcome to our online Extra Class scheduler.  This is for customers that are enrolled in more than 1 class currently.

To sign-up, you should have received a separate email letting you know what class to register for. If you are unsure what you are supposed to take, please email dede@wylieelite.com.

Once you choose the class, you can then select a coach and see their days/times available.  You do not have to book with the same coach you normally have.

You will receive an email confirmation once you have booked your time slot. If you need to cancel/reschedule for any reason, there is an option in the confirmation email to do so.

You will need to have a Zoom Account to be able to participate and will be sent a link prior to your appointment time.

Please only book 1 slot per week per additional class you take.  

*If you are doing a tumbling class, you must have a mat, air track, or trampoline. If you do not have that, your lesson will focus on drills, strength and conditioning only for safety reasons.


** If you are looking to schedule an extra class AFTER May 15th, click here!


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