Extra Classes

Welcome to our online Extra Class scheduler.  This is for customers that are enrolled in more than 1 class. - Once you choose the class, you can then select a coach and see their days/times available.  You do not have to book with the same coach you normally have. - You will receive an email confirmation once you have booked your time slot. If you need to cancel/reschedule for any reason, there is an option in the confirmation email to do so. - You will need to have a Zoom Account to be able to participate and will be sent a link prior to your appointment time. - Please only book 1 slot per week per additional class you take.  We will be checking accounts to confirm enrollment prior to your class date. *If your athlete books a tumbling class, they must have a mat, air track, or trampoline. If they do not have that, your lesson will focus on drills and strength/conditioning only for safety reasons.

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