All-Star Prep/Novice

Click here for the 2019-2020 Prep/Novice Info packet.


Wylie Elite All-Star Prep and Novice Teams offer athletes of all levels an opportunity to experience a competitive program with less practice time and financial obligation than our Elite teams.  Athletes will work towards skill acquisition, teamwork and fun.  Both Prep and Novice teams are great stepping stones to prepare athletes wanting to advance in our All-Star Elite program.


All-Star Prep
Our Prep teams are designed for athletes 5-18 yrs. old, who are able to initiate and/or execute level appropriate skills.  There is a try-out to be on one of our Prep teams.  Any athlete that may not be ready for prep will automatically be placed on a Novice team.
Teams will have practice twice a week for 1.5 hours starting in June and the season will end in April.  They will compete at 5 local competitions.


All-Star Novice
Our Novice teams are an entry-level program for athletes wanting to start the All-star team experience. There is no try-out or evaluation to be on our Novice teams. This program is perfect for athletes who aren’t quite ready for our Prep or Elite program and need more focus on skill development.
Teams will practice twice a week for 1 hour starting in August and end in April. They will attend 4 local competitions.  A rating system, versus actual placement, is used to judge teams.