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How do I sign up for classes?

We offer a free trial to all new customers. You can call, email or go online to our parent portal to get signed up for a class.


What does our child wear to class?

T-shirts, shorts and comfortable sneakers are acceptable. Please make sure to also have girls wear a sports bra underneath their shirt. Hair should be pulled back into a ponytail.No jewelry should be worn.


Do I get a discount if there are only 3 classes in a month?

No. Our pricing is based on an annual amount and averaged out over 12 months.  There may be some months with only 3 classes, and some with 5.


What happens if there is bad weather on the day of our class?

We take our children and staff’s safety at the utmost importance.  If there is a possibility of dangerous activity in our area, we will cancel classes that day. We will send an email and post on our social media in these instances.  If your child is at the gym during bad weather, we monitor it closely and move kids to safe areas until it passes.


How much is the registration fee?

We charge a $39 annual gym fee that is billed upon registration and on your anniversary each year. 


What ages do you offer classes for?

Ages 3 and up.


If my child misses a class, do you offer make-ups?

Your child can attend an open gym to make-up a missed class. 


How will I know when my child is ready to move up?

Coaches will communicate with the office when a child is ready to move out of a class.  Then the office will contact the parents to let them know and provide the different options available.


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes.  Private lessons are typically scheduled for 30 minutes and the price varies by coach.  The price range is $30-$40 per lesson. To schedule a private lesson, you would contact the coach directly.  You can call or email the office if you need contact information. 


How do we pay tuition?

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, and Discover. We also offer auto-draft for your convenience at no extra charge.

Any payments received after the 10th are considered late and will be charged a $10 late fee. Checks that are returned as NSF will be charged a $15 fee. When replacing the check, it must be replaced with cash, money order, or credit card.


How do we drop from a class?

In order to drop your child from an enrolled class, you must submit a drop request by the 15th of the month. Drop forms can be submitted electronically via our website or by dropping off a printed form to the office. Accounts will continue to be invoiced until notice has been given.