Private Lessons

Private / Semi-Private Lessons

Wylie Elite has several coaches that are available for private lessons. In order to figure out best options for your athlete, please contact the office at


If you are not currently enrolled in classes or team, you will need to visit our parent portal to create an account and agree to our online waiver and policies.


Pricing varies depending on the coach but range is as follows:


$30-$40 for 30 min
$40-$50 for 30 minutes, semi-private (shared with another athlete)
$40 for 30 minutes, stunt private
$50 for 30 minutes, semi- stunt private (shared with another athlete)


Scheduling is done directly through the coaches. Payment is due at the time of the lesson and should be given to the coach directly in cash or a check made to Wylie Elite. No credit cards or charging to the account is allowed.